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2022 Senior Living Website Must-Haves

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2022 Senior Living Website Must-Haves

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Your website is the front door to your business and one of the most important tools you have for generating leads and connecting with interested people. Converting online visitors should be one of the fundamental purposes of your website. 

Senior living marketers agree that their website is the most effective resource for accessing potential residents. At least a quarter of your new leads in 2022 will probably come from your website. Capitalizing on interested viewers with an optimized website is an essential tool for growth.

Let’s discuss the must-haves in 2022 for your senior living community website. You can reach our team at CITIZEN for questions specific to your business and advice on improving your online presence.

Optimize with Mobile in Mind

There’s a good chance that you’re reading this on your phone right now or that in the last hour, you’ve read something on your phone. More than 60% of website visits are from smartphones, and mobile internet traffic has surpassed desktop searches. So it’s no surprise that optimizing for mobile devices is critical to boosting your SEO

70% of the first page results on Google are optimized for mobile devices. Make sure every page on your website has these essential features:

  • Responsive Design. Your website should automatically resize and look great no matter what device it’s being viewed on.
  • Easy Navigation. People shouldn’t have to search hard to find what they’re looking for on your website. Navigation menus should be easy to find and simple to use.
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Refreshing Content That Refreshes Quickly

The decision-making process for choosing a senior’s home is lengthy. But your website load times shouldn’t be! Nobody wants to wait more than a few seconds for a web page to load. Your website needs to be fast and efficient for desktop and mobile browsers. Long load times result in higher bounce rates (people who leave your site without engaging).

When online conversions are your goal, load times matter. Increasing load speeds can be done in several ways, but consider these 3 practices for improving the user experience on your website:

  • Remove homepage sliders.
  • Optimize image file sizes.
  • On-demand image loading.

Our experts can assess your website and work with you to make sure your senior living community’s first impression is a great one!

Have a Homepage That Wows

Your homepage is your grand entrance! Ensure it is structured, showcases clear objectives, and guides the user where they need to go. It also needs to tell visitors what to do next. 

Choosing a senior living community can take months or even years. It’s ultimately a big decision and purchase to make. The buying cycle includes comparison and consideration amongst your competitors. A website that wows sends a clear message that you put effort into every detail of your community and that every impression matters, be it online or in person.

The homepage of your senior living community should clearly explain who you are as well as what makes you unique in the marketplace. Your website should be an extension of your senior living identity and share the tone and voice of your real-life community.

Make Communication Easy

Your website visitors need clear instructions on what you want them to do next. Make it easy for them by including strong calls to action (CTAs) throughout your site.

70% of senior living and care consumers will call during their customer journey.

Making it easy to get a hold of your business and being able to speak to a person should always be at the forefront of your website strategy. Some senior living website CTA must-haves are:

  • Contact information and a phone number on every page, especially the main navigation page.
  • Making sure phone numbers and “contact us” buttons are enabled with click-to-call.
  • Contact information should be easy to find without having to scroll.

Speak to The Whole Family

In the digital marketing space, it’s important to have a strategy that speaks to your target audiences. For senior living communities, there are a variety of people interested in what you offer. From seniors and older adults themselves, to adult children and other family influencers looking for a place for their loved ones.

Speaking to all these demographics with your website is important. Consider the value of marketing to each group.

Older Adults & Seniors

In 2016 alone, about 25% of North Americans were over the age of 65 and this number is projected to double by 2060! Older adults make up more than 30% of digital users in North America so content on your website must speak directly to them.

Content such as how long the average length of stay at your community has been or the activities they will be able to participate in will resonate with older adults. Make sure that potential residents can see what everyday life is like in your assisted living space. 

Adult Children

Besides being some of the most important influencers on choosing a senior living community, adult children also make up more than 30% of digital users. 

Because they have different priorities than their parents moving into a retirement community, it’s beneficial that your website has content geared towards them. Outline what amenities you offer or why this is the right decision for their parents/loved ones. 

Create trust and assurance by showcasing your community. Information about your leadership and development team may be relevant for adult children who are investing in your community’s stability. 

Family Members 

For those individuals who are looking to find care for someone else (a loved one), it can be stressful and overwhelming. To help ease some anxiety, having digital marketing collateral dedicated to family members helps show all aspects of what you encompass.

The transition into assisted living includes a long buying cycle. For many new residents, this can mean up to 2 years. The emotional nature of the process requires a website that captures a tone and voice that speaks to an entire family.

A Clear Message & Honest Conversation

Brand transparency is key in today’s digital age. Especially in the senior living industry. It takes over 20 touchpoints to convert prospects into customers in the senior living space. Clear messaging and open and honest communication will help keep your brand top of mind and stay relevant and competitive.

Make sure your website has clear CTAs that drive visitors to take the next step in engaging with you. Whether that’s signing up for a newsletter, requesting more information, or scheduling a tour, make it easy for them! Having an honest conversation with potential customers will help build trust and show that you’re invested in helping them find the best lifestyle for their future.

Not only does your content answer questions that users are asking, but it also informs search engines that you are the authority in your industry and area. Being viewed as a Local Thought Leader also builds trust in your brand.

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Community Living, Community Marketing

Our community of website developers, marketing science experts, writers, graphic designers, and advertisers are all about helping you build your brand and helping people find their dream retirement lifestyle. 

To effectively market your senior living community, a digital marketing strategy is key. When it comes to building an online gameplan in 2022 for your website, make sure you’re incorporating the must-haves:

  • Easy Navigation
  • Fast Loading Times
  • Clear Calls to Action
  • Honest Dialogue
  • Appeal to Residents & Their Families

With these digital marketing tactics in place, you’ll be engaging more qualified prospects at all stages of the buyer journey. 

If you need help developing a digital marketing plan for your senior living community or want more information about how we can help build brand awareness and drive online conversions—let’s chat

Your organization exists to support seniors & their families. Ours exists to support you.

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